Box Rules


Brandywine CrossFit – Box Rules


Show up on time.  Our group-led warm-up is an integral part of our classes and missing them may result in injury.  Be respectful and on time.

Listen to your coaches; they are here to help you.  Any cues they provide you are for your own benefit and may be something very valuable.

Introduce yourself to new members.  It’s nice to know with whom you are sweating.

Set up your equipment.

Learn to count …don’t cheat.  (You may not know it but your coaches and fellow members may be counting your reps.)  Do each rep with good form and full range of motion; no matter the time it takes you.  Train with integrity.

Clean up your equipment, once everyone from your heat is finished.  It’s the respectful way.

Clean up your DNA.

Cheer on your fellow CrossFitters.  We are here as a community to help and support one another.  If we didn’t like the CrossFit way, we’d be in a private gym, grunting alone.  Show your support.

Respect the equipment.  Do not drop your empty barbells; it can ruin the internal bearings.

Break your last PR.

Have fun, laugh, and smile a lot.  We joke, yell, swear and grunt.

Be patient.

Train. Do not “workout.”

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